News from IDE Alumni: 1989-1956


Theophilus T. Bettie 1989 is an advisor in the Research, Policy & Planning Department of the Central Bank of Liberia.


Sharon Sarmiento 1988. After earning her M.A. in IDE, Sharon moved on to earn a master’s degree in Mathematical Behavioral Sciences and a Ph.D. in Economics, with specialization in transportation economics, urban economics and applied econometrics, from the University of California, Irvine. Sharon is a Principal of Unison Consulting, Inc., a leading airport management consulting firm in the United States. Sharon leads Unison’s consulting practice involving transportation demand forecasting and economic analysis for airports.


George Apostolopoulos 1985 is the General Director of Michaniki Russia in Moscow leading a 500,000,000 USD investment in real estate. 

Rene Benitez 1985 has moved from Manila to Sydney to start up a financial advisory company and a property trust.

Basil Fuleihan 1985 was Lebanon’s former Minister of Economy and Trade. Following his education at Yale, he earned a Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University. Elected member of parliament in 2000, he held several important positions, including project manager for the United Nations Development Program and Minister of the Economy between 2000 and 2003. He was also a professor in the department of economics at the American University in Beirut between 1993 and 2000.


Juan Jose Fernandez Ansola 1981 is a Senior Consultant, Independent Evaluation Group at the World Bank Group and Visiting Professor, Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School, Madrid, Spain.  After IDE, he completed his PhD in Economics at Boston University (1987). He initially worked for an economics consulting firm in Boston (now IHS Global Insight) and then worked at the IMF since 1990. At the IMF, he worked primarily in Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe, including as head of the Central European Division in 2000-2006. Also, based in Bucharest, Romania, he represented the IMF in Eastern Europe. He retired from IMF in May 2011, and now splits his time between the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank, doing macro-evaluations of World Bank work, and the Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business School in Madrid, where since 2010 he teaches international finance in the fall semester.


Jaime Campos 1979 is executive director of the Argentine Entrepreneurial Association. He follows the main economic and social developments that occur in Argentina and designs policy suggestions in order to improve the local business environment.

Tarnthong Thongswasdi 1979 is parliamentary secretary for the Thailand Ministry of University Affairs and advisor to the deputy minister of Labor and Social Welfare.  She has previously held appointments as parliamentary secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as dean of the School of Political Science at Sukhothai Thammathirat University, and as deputy director of the European Studies Program at Chulalongkorn University where she was editor of the university’s Journal of European Studies.  She is the author of over 50 publications in the fields of political science and international relations.


Anthony Patrick 1977 is a consulting economics editor in the Asia-Pacific region, based in Sydney and doing editing and training work for organizations including the Asian Development Bank in Manila the Dow Jones Newswires in Singapore and Hong Kong.


Juan Luis Larrabure 1974 has retired from the United Nations and is living in Lima Peru.  Over the years he was UN Resident Representative in Comoros, Guyana and Haiti, Director of the Environment Division of UNOPS, Director of the International Trade Center in Geneva and elected as Inspector and Vice-Chairman of the Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations System.  He was also runner-up to become Secretary General of the International Red Cross Federation in 1999.


Raul A. Lacayo 1971, as president of the Nicaraguan Securities Exchange, is leading an effort in Nicaragua to expand that country’s capital markets legal framework. It is expected that by the end of September, the National Assembly will approve a law that will enable the development of mutual funds, asset securitization, and other institutional and supervisory changes. The new legal framework will promote greater insertion of the Exchange in regional and global financial markets, providing new sources of funds for the country’s economic activity.


Sidney Weintraub 1958 holds the William E. Simon Chair in Political Economy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC. Until about a year ago, he also directed CSIS’s Americas Program, which includes Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada. He has been with CSIS for about 10 years, after retiring from the University of Texas in Austin, where he held the Dean Rusk Chair for International Affairs in the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.


Roy Wehrle 1956 is Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Springfield. He writes, ”I am teaching and writing on globalization from the point of view that increasingly the world is dealing with problems related to global commons or public goods. Internationally we are neither mentally nor organizationally prepared to deal with these transnational problems.”