Rhea Gupta

IDE Class: 
Research Project(s): 
National Growth Statistics in Developing Countries
Project Supervisor: 
Penny Goldberg
Project Summary: 

During her time as a research assistant, Gupta spent her time working on a team with Yale Professor and former Chief Economist of the World Bank Penny Goldberg and co-authors Noam Angrist and Dean Jolliffe. Specifically, her role on the research team was to help evaluate how reliable national growth statistics were in developing countries. Her work looked at how certain indicators like government influence and legal mandates for statistical reporting, may be impacting the reporting of certain national growth statistics. By assessing legislation and practices of certain countries, she had the opportunity to help make judgement calls regarding the efficacy of practices and laws around estimating national growth.

Reflecting back, Gupta pointed to this qualitative focus as a unique aspect of her research assistantship. “I learned a lot in terms of making judgement calls and using more than just Stata to do research work.”