Work experience opportunities

Economic Growth Center Research Assistants (RA) program 

The Economic Growth Center Research Assistants (RA) program supplements the already large number of RA opportunities that exist across the entire of Yale University.
RAs are paid hourly and the University places a ceiling of 19 hours per week while the student is enrolled in classes.  Each semester consists of 13 weeks of classes, and while the RA wage rate is not uniform - so we cannot give you an exact figure you will make as an RA- but we estimate about $4,000 earnings per semester as a typical RA.  Note, however, that the vast majority of RAs will not earn this much, as the actual amount of hours that you put in will tend to average less than the maximum number of hours allowed.
Professors, in this program or elsewhere at Yale, who are looking for RAs to do data analysis will be looking for STATA skills. Others will be looking for help with assembling and manipulating data, and those opportunities will not be so reliant on STATA.  For some of you, STATA may be relatively new so we encourage any of you interested in RA positions to get some experience or sign up for one of the Yale Statlab/CSSSI ( ) minicourses on Stata after you arrive at Yale. 
The benefit of being an RA goes beyond mere pay, because the RA experience can also be valuable as you apply for positions post IDE, be they positions with J-PAL/EPoD/IPA, the World Bank or future academic programs.

Teaching Assistant (TA) position 

A Teaching Assistant (TA) position with the Yale Economics Department, while it pays more per semester than the RA position, is more demanding, largely because there isn’t nearly the degree of flexibility, as time spent on grading/office hours/sections each week is fairly constant.  
For a TA position requiring 19 hours of week, the typical pay from the Department of Economics this year is $8,000 per semester.  We generally encourage to hold off doing a TA-ship until their Spring semester so they have time to acclimate to the program workload.  Other schools and departments at Yale hire IDE students as TA’s, notably the Yale School of Forestry, for their environmental economics classes, some elective course at the Yale School of Management, and the Global Affairs program, for their more economically intensive classes. 
In the Undergraduate Department of Economics, while the exact details vary by class, TAs teach two sections each semester, with a ceiling of 40 students per section.